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Taking Your Business to
the Next Level

Representing major manufacturers throughout New York and New Jersey. 


An Advocate for Your Brand
The role of a sales agent is to be there in your place. We promote your product as if you were there. We believe in your product as you do. We are an extension of your company. That’s what Rabiel Associates brings to your customers.


Geographic Proximity

Emails and phone calls are great. The job of a sales agency is to be there in front of the customer. We have traveled New York and the Northeast for over 25 years. We understand face to face makes a big difference. This is where we shine.

Building Relationships

You didn’t build your company in a day. It was built with hard work and relationships. The first sale is great. Your business is built on long-term relationship and reorders. Being there when the customer needs you is how you build business. We will be there for you.

Proven Sales

Your sales agency should love your products as you do. They should live where your customers live. They should be a partner with your customers. This is what we bring to the table and this is what we promise.



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